Bing Top Valentine’s Day Searches in 2013 - OnlineAds.ltValentine’s Day has already passed. In a recent post we have looked at Valentine’s Day infographic analyzing people’s behavior, purchasing patterns and amount of money spent during this day. Infographic is always a good source of insights and ideas that we may sometimes miss. Additionally it is time to look at the keywords that spiked the most search volume. Lets take a look at Bing Top Valentine’s Day searches this year.

There are two separate lists. One of them lists Top 4 Valentine’s Day searches, which actually had this exact phrase in the search query. The other one contains top gift related searches.

Bing Top Valentine’s Day Searches

[message msg_bg_color=”#b9e6b3″][arrow_list]Free Divorce on Valentine’s Day
Dating tips for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day quotes
Valentine’s Day gift ideas[/arrow_list][/message]

Surprisingly, for many people Valentine’s Day associates not only with love but with opportunities to end the relationship with their loved ones. Bing top Valentine’s Day search term this year was ‘divorce’ related. Many search engine users looked for offers and places where they could get divorced for free. This term ranked even higher than ‘Dating tips for Valentine’s Day‘ and ‘Valentine’s Day gift ideas‘.

Top 6 Gift Related Searches

[message msg_bg_color=”#b9e6b3″][arrow_list]Roses
Teddy Bears
Chocolate covered Strawberries
Engagement Rings


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