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The Google AdWords certification program is designed to test the knowledge of this specific product. Every participant has to pass 1 Fundamentals Exam which actually contains just the basics and 1 out 3 advanced exams. By passing the Fundamentals and one Advanced exam you become certified. Google AdWords Advanced Reporting & Analysis is one of them.

Triple Certification

Great news! Since yesterday we have all possible Google AdWords certifications. The last one – Advanced Reporting & Analysis – has been acquired yesterday. At the moment we are certified in the following areas:
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Reporting Tools

Advanced Reporting & Analysis certification is a proof of competency in reporting tools associated with Google AdWords. In addition, the exam covers many aspects of Google Analytics, even though Google Analytics has a separate certification program.

Visit Certifications page to learn more about what certifications we currently hold.

Google AdWords Advanced Reporting & Analysis Certification

Google AdWords Advanced Reporting & Analysis - Certified -

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Audrius Dobilinskas

I am Google AdWords Certified Partner (holding various other individual certifications as well). Sharing articles and tips about online advertising, web analytics and related topics.


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