Have a website for your business? If yes, then using Google Analytics is a must.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool used by thousands of website owners all around the world. It is a great way to gain insights, learn more about your website visitors and make relevant, profitable conclusions. Web analytics offer a way for you to learn more while doing less … and most importantly it’s Free!

How Google Analytics can help your business? - OnlineAds.lt

1. Get to know your visitors

How do you know if your business is reaching the right audience? This is the question that causes thousands of business owners to lose their sleep (you might be one of them). The ability to target and reach your target audience is the key to success.

2. Find out what people like/dislike about your website

Identify the weak points of your navigation and the structure of the website itself. Find out what people visiting the website like and dislike. You have a chance to analyze their opinions without asking them directly. Surveys do not always work the way you expect. Analyze data and browsing patterns for a better understanding of what you have to change to make your user experience better.

3. Identify traffic sources

How Google Analytics can help your business

Traffic Sources Overview – OnlineAds.lt

Experiencing traffic ups and downs? Which traffic source is the most profitable to you? Don’t know where your traffic comes from at all? All these questions can be answered with a free Google Analytics tool.  At the simplest level, it helps to monitor traffic and traffic sources that your visitors are coming from. This is highly important when determining the most profitable sources, which later can be used as ‘gold-mines’ for your business.

4. Track sales and shopping cart activity (if you run an e-shop)

Goal Funnel - OnlineAds.lt

Goal Funnel – OnlineAds.lt

Have you ever wondered what your customer experiences while shopping at your e-shop? Establish and evaluate the performance of the client in each step during the checkout. With additional code implementation you can also view your sales via Analytics interface.

5. Visualize and analyze

The full power comes from additional Analytics features such as Custom reports, Segments and Filters. All of these require additional knowledge, but it really pays off later. Visualization and analysis of the visitor data could give additional insights and opportunities which cannot be identified otherwise.

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