As the usage of smartphones is still growing,  mobile advertising prices increase drastically. In the last quarter of the 2012 Mobile advertising industry experienced the highest growth of prices of all time. For some of the businesses these prices increased by 50%, for others even more.

According to MoPub, this data is based on 30 billion ad impressions that have been tracked on their own network. The analysis and the conclusions following it reveals that the prices for mobile advertising are rising.

More clicks and higher CTR

Holiday season for mobile marketers was intense, actually it was the most active period in the whole year. Interesting fact is that mobile users clicked more often on the Ads, therefore the Click-through rates (CTRs) increased. Users started clicking on mobile Ads with more confidence than they did in the past. Does that indicate a turning point for mobile advertising? It might, but time will show.

iOS and Android advertising expenses

Android Ads vs. iOS Ads

In the past Mobile ads on Apple’s iOS platform have been much more expensive, but it seems that Android is catching up. Prices as well as CTR are going up.

Ads on Android phones seem to be performing better than on tablets. However, when looking at iOS platform we see reverse pattern. iPhone users seem to be less engaged with the Ads. iPad owners are more willing to click on the Ad they see on their device screen. CTR for iPad Ads during the Christmas and New Year period increased by 34%.

Mobile Advertising Prices - iOS and AndroidHigher Mobile Advertising prices

Many small-medium businesses are still considering whether to try mobile advertising or not. Very few of them added it to their marketing plans. Are you one of them? Now is a good time to make a decision. The competition is rising every day. Mobile advertising prices increasing every day. It is believed that this pattern will not change soon and prices will increase even more.

Did you experience the growth of mobile advertising prices as well? Share your experiences and ideas in the comment section.

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