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Bing Ads as an alternative

Bing Ads is the second largest PPC network in the world. The power of Bing Ads Infographic presents the points why it may be a good place to run advertising campaigns. Sometimes having ads running only on Google is simply not enough.

Audience reach

  •  Ads can be displayed on two separate Search Engines – Bing and Yahoo!.
  • 51 Million searches on the Yahoo! Bing Network.
  • In comparison with other search engines an average user performs 20% more searches.
  • Bing Ads can be displayed on a number of other properties like MSN, Facebook, Amazon and others.
  • However, the infographic is based on the USA data only. Statistics in other countries vary a lot and are not that impressive.

The power of Bing Ads Infographic 

The power of Bng Ads Infographic -

New Features and Updates

  • Sitelinks. It has been as a part of Google AdWords for a while, but it did not take long for Bing Ads to adopt it.
  • Long Ad Titles allow to put longer messages and drive the CTR up. However, it may not work the same way for all advertisers. Sometimes the shorter messages work better.

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