Seasonal AdWords campaigns - OnlineAds.ltEvery seasonal holiday comes with an opportunity for business owners to push their products and services into the market. Learn how to take advantage of specific seasonal holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Running custom seasonal AdWords campaigns during these days can help you increase revenue and return on investment.

 Why should you care?

Holidays seasons are always marked with an increase in online activity. People spend more time online looking for presents or decorations. They look online because they expect to find something better and cheaper that they can get in their local store.

5 things to remember

[alert_box type=”check”]1) Target the most relevant users[/alert_box]

Correct targeting is the key to successful marketing.  Advertisements should be shown only to the people that are most relevant to the business. Choose landing page, keywords, Ad copy and targeted locations carefully. Choosing the wrong targeting options could become a nightmare and you may miss a precious window of opportunity. Even a few hours lost could be a disaster for a seasonal AdWords campaign.

[alert_box type=”check”]2) Setup billing details early to avoid any delay[/alert_box]

Billing issues are time consuming. In order to avoid any delay setup billing information early. Don’t wait until the last minute, because if something goes wrong there will be no time to fix it. Billing issues take time to resolve, usually at least 1-3 business days. In most cases that would be too long, so deal with it as soon as possible.

[wp_quote]If anything can go wrong – it will.  —Murphy’s Law[/wp_quote]

[alert_box type=”check”]3) Measure the performance[/alert_box]

Keep a track of everything happening within your campaign. Install conversion tracking to find out the most profitable keywords. Optimize using only the data you get. Additionally use Google Analytics tool.

How Google Analytics can help your business?

[alert_box type=”check”]4) Make sure your Ads are running at the right time[/alert_box]

This is especially important for the campaigns that are using advanced ad scheduling feature. Make sure that ads will run on time as planned. Furthermore, if there is an opportunity check if ads are running after the initial start. It can be easily checked using Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool.

[alert_box type=”check”]5) Start preparing your seasonal AdWords campaigns early[/alert_box]

Prepare early. If possible start pulling your draft campaign together at least 4-6 weeks before the target day/days. In some businesses it could be even longer period – 4-6 months. Don’t leave it for the last week!

Happy seasonal campaigning!

Audrius Dobilinskas

I am Google AdWords Certified Partner (holding various other individual certifications as well). Sharing articles and tips about online advertising, web analytics and related topics.


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