Certifications is way of showing the knowledge in one or a set of specific subjects. As a team we take every client very personally and try to achieve the best results possible. For this reason we participate in various programs which help us to keep the level of professionalism high. Individuals associated with OnlineAds.lt hold all the most important online advertising certifications. 

Google AdWords Certifications

Google AdWords Certified Partner - Audrius DobilinskasGoogle AdWords Certified - OnlineAds.ltGoogle AdWords has a number of certification programs offered. These are used to evaluate the knowledge and ability to apply the best advertising practices. After completing the program and successfully passing all required exams participants are granted a certification.
At the moment individuals associated with OnlineAds hold all available Google AdWords certifications. These include:
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[list_item]Google AdWords Search Advertising[/list_item]
[list_item]Google AdWords Display Advertising[/list_item]
[list_item]Google AdWords Reporting & Analysis Advanced[/list_item]

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Google AdWords Certified Partner

OnlineAds.lt is Google AdWords Certified Partner. We have demonstrated an in-depth knowledge and showed excellent performance in managing advertising accounts. Partners have to go through Google certification process which includes passing exams and meeting other various criteria. This is the most significant acknowledgement that a person or a team could get from Google.

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Google Analytics certification

Google Analytics Certified - OnlineAds.lt
Analytics is one of the main tools used to evaluate the performance of a website, track visitors’ activity, identify weak points of a sales funnel and many more. However, many users  just use a tiny part of features offered.
Google Analytics program is designed to test and evaluate the advanced knowledge of concepts and techniques. Exam that a participant has to take requires in-depth knowledge which later can be applied in practically any web project.

Bing Ads certification

former Microsoft adCenter

Bing at the moment is the second largest search engine in the world. Even though its market share isn’t big, it has a potential. It has a constant user base. Partnerships with Yahoo and Facebook makes it an attractive place for advertising and reaching for potential customers.Microsoft Accredited Professional - OnlineAds.ltBingAds Accredited Professional - OnlineAds.lt


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