TRUSTe - How Confident Are Your Customers? - OnlineAds.ltToday, consumers are more uncertain than ever about the security of the websites they interact with and buy from. There have been a high number of security problems in the past years and many people are anxious about sharing their personal details with online retailers and merchants. Online shoppers have doubts whether their information will be safe. These issues raise many questions for both parties. Online merchants must find a way how to decrease and eventually eliminate these doubts that online shoppers have.

How Confident are Your Customers?

The infographic below presents the most common issues and questions  related to online shopping security and customer confidence.

How Confident are Your Customers? Increase trust with TrustMarks - Infographic

Infographic presented by McAfee

How can online merchants boost customer trust?

  • When choosing among a number of small independent sites, 75% of all online shoppers would choose a site with a TrustMark.
  • TrustMark could help to beat bigger (in terms of products offered) competitor without a TrustMark on the website.
  • TrustMarks can decrease shopping cart abandonment rate and increase conversions. Sales come with a trust.

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