Google Analytics Qualified - Audrius DobilinskasGoogle Analytics is easy to use and implement. Even beginner users can take an advantage of many features offered. However, it is most powerful in the hands of advanced users, the ones who hold Google Analytics certification.

Google Analytics certification Exam

Certification is acquired by passing the required exam which usually contains about 100 questions and covers the most important Google Analytics topics. After successfully passing the exam an individual is rewarded with a certificate. The passing grade is set at 80%, which is relatively high.

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Topics Covered

Exam is divided into several sections and covers different aspects of this specific Google product. Main topics:

  1. Fundamentals – AdWords Integration and campaign tracking, Goals, Filters, Reg-ex expressions and E-commerce tracking.
  2. Interpreting Reports – Time metrics, Content reports and Traffic sources.
  3. In-Depth Analysis – Advanced Segmentation, Analytics intelligence, Site Search tracking, Multi-channel funnels and Event and Virtual pageview tracking.


Google Analytics Certification - Audrius DobilinskasQualification is one of the main benefits the professional gets by passing the exam. However, it is just one of many. Certification is a proof of knowledge and specialization in a specific product or tool. Google Analytics is a complex, well-developed and easy to use tool for webmasters and online advertisers that just makes life easier. So what you get as a business owner by hiring a certified professional?

Certification is not given to everyone and not everyone passes the exam. The passing grade is high and in order to achieve it everyone has to really work for it. Knowledge and experience comes with work.

So what can you expect from a certified individuals?

[alert_box type=”check”]1. Certfied Professionals are more productive. [/alert_box]

[alert_box type=”check”]2. Certfied Professionals are faster. [/alert_box]

[alert_box type=”check”]3. Certfied Professionals are more knowledgeable – they know their stuff. [/alert_box]

[alert_box type=”check”]4. Certfied Professionals charge less that it would cost to hire an additional staff member. [/alert_box]


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Audrius Dobilinskas

I am Google AdWords Certified Partner (holding various other individual certifications as well). Sharing articles and tips about online advertising, web analytics and related topics.


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